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In 1993, successfully in domestic sales in the United States HANKISON brand purification equipment products

In October 1999, the registered "Shanghai sheng" brand, continue to use the technology to start localization development

In June 2000, set up factories at home in Shanghai, the national product sales radiation, for the Shanghai sheng larger, more long-term development laid a solid foundation

In November 2001, continue to use the advanced technology and combining with the characteristics of domestic actual conditions, once again launched HSD a new series of drying machine, compressed air to make Shanghai sheng company has formed a complete series of dry air purification equipment products

In August 2004, miniature blot machine and person's research and development success, Shanghai sheng company products in food, electronics, petrochemical and other industries widely used and the laboratory

In 2005, in the domestic major cities set up sales and after-sales service agencies, high efficient service to win the satisfaction of users

In December 2006, Shanghai sheng machinery technology co., LTD successfully rated as "top ten brand of Chinese dry machine"

In March 2007, due to the need of the development of the northern market, the company spent 500 Wan Chengli jinan Shanghai sheng air purification technology co., LTD.

In May 2007, Shanghai sheng has completed the development of the second generation of HRD standard person, the technical level to further improve my company's products

In September 2007, the www.holysunchina.com opening, open up the online publicity, sales channels

In March 2008, Shanghai sheng zero air blast adsorption drying machine is put into operation, marking the Shanghai sheng technology and products to a whole new domestic leading level

In June 2008, because of the need of export business, was established in Shanghai Shanghai ChengGuoJi trade department

In August 2008, was awarded as "high-tech enterprise" by Shanghai

In February 2009, was set up in wuxi, wuxi Shanghai sheng machinery co., LTD.

In August 2009, Shanghai sheng machinery technology co., LTD. By Lloyd's ISO9001:2008 quality management system in version of the certification

In May 2010, negative pressure air cooler and freezing and drying machine is developed and put into use, marks the Shanghai sheng company the beginning of the new field and diversified development

In August 2010, Shanghai sheng machinery technology co., LTD. Through the industry production license test and review and issue the certificate

In August, 2011, 72000 m3 / h compression heat regenerative adsorption dryer debug and run successfully, marked the Shanghai sheng technical advantages of large unit in a domestic leading position


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