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    Shanghai HOLYSUN Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Established in 1993, is an integrated enterprise which is specialized in compressed air purification equipment,Holysun integrates scientific research, manufacture, sales and service. We've holding with technology innovation and professional spirit persistently, meanwhile taking the advanced designing concept and exquisite techniques from USA. We've passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Authentication & Manufacturing license etc, successfully promoted high quality air treatment system to our customers, set-up the efficient before & after service as well.
Our company accumulated production and sale's experience of compressed air treatment for a long-term year, integrating the advanced technology which from abroad with our practical condition, we designed & manufactured HOLYSUN brand HSD series Refrigerated Air Dryer, Absorbing Air Dryer, After Cooler, Air chiller Set, Industry using Water Cooler, HF series High-efficient precision-filter (home made filter housing, Hankison element) etc. Totally 13 series, 300 sorts of productions which are widely used in electrical, metallurgy, electron, mechanism, petroleum, chemical industry, auto industry, textile industry, chemical fiber, light industry, paper making, rubber industry, apparatus, foodstuff, air treatment, cigarette, biology, medicine, daily chemical industry and so on. Our company has always been keeping ahead on this line.
The HOLYSUN's headquarter is in Shanghai, meanwhile has offices among Beijing , Guangzhou, Jinan, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Wuxi, which responsible for before & after-sales technology consultation, business negotiation as well as maintenance service, perfect sales & service network assuring the equipment's running smoothly year by year.
HOLYSUN Machinery, Sino-America technology, the global leader in compressed air treatment.

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